in the fertile land in the Montenegrin village of Radanovichi, between Budva, Tivat and Kotor, children and adults grow more than 200 types of vegetables, salads, greens and berries for themselves and for their families, both in the greenhouse and in the open land. Among other benefits by participating in the work process, children receive following: - practical knowledge; - distracted from gadgets and phones; - aware of the work and the price of money earned. Quests and competitions for the best plants grown by themselves are an unforgettable experience in the child's life, developing a breadth of outlook in the general development and future adult life.


We use only humus, mulch, water and sun. We don't use any chemical and biological means of influence on plants. We promote absolutely clean products for a healthy lifestyle. We are trying to combine business with pleasure, work with rest and healthy eating. We invite everyone who understands and accepts the permaculture principles and rules. You can also have your part of the garden. We provide water, electricity, seeds, humus, security and good mood. The whole area is divided into areas with different settings for automatic irrigation. - 1500m2 permaculture warm rows with drip irrigation on open ground; - 320m2 greenhouses.


What we plan to do in the future.


We often need helpers. We provide housing and food from the garden in return for 4-5 hours of work. Volunteer reviews you can see on our pages in social networks


– 17 km from Budva
– 7 km from Tivat
– 7 km from Kotor
– 1.8 km from the Tivat-Budva motorway.
Going on motorway Tivat-Budva, turn onto Bigova at the crossroads in Radanovichi. Then after 1400m you will see a crossroads and a pointer to the “Kobra”. Turn on the middle of the 3rd concrete road and drive down 100m. You should drive around the small house on the right side, and drive on the last 300m. 
Navigation coordinates: 42 ° 22’49.7 “N 18 ° 44’10.9» E
News about ripe fruits and vegetables, and not only, you will find on our pages in social networks