On the fertile land in the Montenegrin village Radanovići, between Budva, Tivat and Kotor, children and adults grow more than 200 types of vegetables, fruits, salads, flowers, herbs and berries for themselves, their friends and visitors.
We care about what happens next to us. Our project is one of the places where the future society is being shaped, and the nature, moral and physical health of people will depend on the direction of this shaping.
Our activities teach not only permaculture, but also the systematization of labor and time, charitable attitudes towards parents, neighbors, and nature.
We came to this world, and the Earth gave us these benefits for free. Let us preserve what we have for future generations.
By participating in the labor process, children and parents receive, among other benefits

— practical knowledge in the work process and are distracted from the virtual world of gadgets;
— meetings and live social communication in different languages with volunteers from different countries who help us on a regular basis, as well as between parents and children;
— realizing the value of labor, health and time.

We use only humus, mulch, water, sun and organic water sources. We do not use any chemical or biological means of influencing plants. We promote absolutely pure products for a healthy lifestyle. We try to combine business with pleasure, work with rest and healthy eating.
We invite everyone who accepts the principles and rules of permaculture.

We have opportunities and you can participate with us financially or with labor in the following processes

  • Growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and medicinal plants without any chemical or processing
  • germination of seeds, and growing microgreens and seedlings in pots;
  • raising chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, and rabbits;
  • working in a workshop with a large variety of tools and materials to choose from;
  • organization of quests, lessons and master classes for children and adults on various topics with volunteer leaders and volunteers
  • organization of themed lunch meetings for a company of up to 14 people;
  • use of the kitchen for self-cooking, smoking and preserving products;
  • use of drying nets and refrigeration equipment for drying and preserving products
    You can also take and use the garden beds with all the necessary equipment, electricity and water and organize themed table meetings and recreation on your own;
    We can help you with the overstaying of dogs, cats and other animals.
    For single parents with children, quest programs for getting to know each other and working together in the garden can be interesting, as they reveal the capabilities of each participant to the other, as well as the attitude towards each other before a possible family is created.

We always need helpers and your assistance is very important to us. Our project cannot exist without the help of volunteers. We provide housing and places for tents and for living cars

with food from the garden in exchange for a few hours of help. We try to create a comfortable and friendly environment for you to work and relax.

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Weeding the beds

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White eggplants

борисенко назар и татьяна 640

Sets of greens for smoothies

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Children in the garden


Weeding the beds

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редиска 01

The smallest helper

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цукини 01

Feeding rabbits

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17 km from Budva, 7 km from Tivat, 7 km from Kotor, 1,8 km from the Tivat-Budva highway. From the Tivat-Budva highway in Radanovici village turn to Bigova village. Drive exactly 1400m and immediately after the sign «KOBRA» turn right down to the middle of the 3 roads on the concrete road. Drive down for 100m. We pass a small house on the right side of the road and follow the field road for another 310m.

Coordinates for navigation:

 42°22’49.7″N 18°44’10.9″E https://youtu.be/M7hroEyeb-o

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